Red Squadron

"In Red Squadron, our mission is simple. We slash necks and cash checks. Our HALO jumps are high, but our standards are higher. From rescuing hostages and cutting supply lines to patroling and infiltrating enemy defenses, our capabilities are endless. Operating from the sea, air or land, our force is present everywhere and anywhere. If you don't think so, just ask Bin Laden. If you think you have what it takes, don't ring the bell."

-SOC F. "Thumper" Mitchell

The Tribe

24th Special Tactics Squadron

"Special Tactics Squadrons are organized, trained and equipped specifically for various special operations missions facilitating air operations on the battlefield. We conduct combat search and rescue missions, collect intelligence, as well as call in close air support or airstrikes against enemy combatants and are often partnered with other U.S. special operations forces overseas."

-TSgt T. Montgomery

Victory or Death

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

"The role of a SOAR pilot in the operations of Task Force 373 are unfathomably important. From CAS and ISR to reinserts and resupplies. Our roles can directly influence the outcome of any engagement on the ground. With this, our standards and expectations are instilled in all SOAR pilots. Standards that build characteristics of leadership and responsibility and expectations to push our skills to the next level and beyond."

-CW3 Kline

Night Stalkers

Strike Fighter Squadron 31

"Come be a fixed wing asshole, have a few shots and enjoy several hours on youtube while you fly through gods fingers also known as clouds. Dont expect proper check-ins as our resident TACP forgot his breakfast. Join us now, and you too can flying aimlessly around desert skies while disobeying lateral restrictions and hoping you remembered to activate your laser while on a heading behind friendlies."

-LTJG C. Gardner